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To Measure Is To Know

BSG Elite is a new Software Division of Red Octopus Business Services Limited - It is a place where Students can Showcase there work with a vie to cecoming an Associate Consultant for Red Octopus.

To become a Tier 1 Web Developer you will need as little as 24 hours training - Prove you can do it and you will be on our developer list and start earning

We accept Developers as young as 12 and will put them on a career path to gain a Harvard University Developer Qualification.

Note : Joining the deveoper program will require registration to the Open University to do an Opinings Course this will commence your strategy and dedication to Life Long Learning

Knowing the expetation of Univercity Study will be a great asset to an academic - Starting young is an option.

Our ultimate Aim is Microsoft Certification.

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This is an amendment to the Bitesize Golf Home Page to bring it up to Red Octopus Business Services Limited Design Standards.

Thank You

When reading this please do not judge the typing for errors. This has been produces using Texpad and I do not have the best eyesight.

It is important to get something down to see if I have a project.

This is an unstayalised web page - which is lesson 1 in web development and is an example of the infrastructure that I will use in my Delivery Of Learning

I had a bad experience over 14 years ago when my first attempt to deliver Lesson Plans and session plans were rejected by The City and Guilds.

Please note the critical changes to the site map - how pages are now opened in a new tab and that a new level of Learning has been added called Professional with a color code of Krypton.

As an after thought I have decided that to expose my Digital Champions Site would be a good thing - so I have introduced an new White section called IT Professional.

I now have the task of making some oreder out of all this learning material.

This is the Delivery of Learning for academic studies which will be a pathway into becoming a true gol;f professional - it will teach Sales Skills / Shop Skills / Project management Skills and IT Development Skills.

'Probobly the most valuable lesson you will learn is how to present YouTube Videaos using Ifram - Here is an example of the old Bitesize Golf Website......

This Site is a Clone of the New Bitesize Website - Wihout The CSS to render images and style. It is perfectly acceptable to produce a cone website without considering the implications of graphics. This is good Project management as the clint gets to see fuctionalityy before the expensive and time coonsuming process of introducing graphics. In lesson 2 we will attempt to intraoduce CSS.



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