Alan Bramwell (CEO) - Mainframe Senior Consultant - Mainframe Designer - Programmer / PC Designer / Tutor

Richard Gilbert - Microsoft Certified Developer


Scott Currie - PGA Professional

Emma Bramwell - Marketing

Paul Edwards - Freelance Developer (Visual Foxpro)

Andy Clarke - Business Model Canves (University)


Hitec Computers

American Golf

The Co-Operative College - Applied For

Manchester Adult Education - Applied For

Bitesize Golf - Applied For

Young Masters Golf - Undecided

The Golf Foundation - Undecided

Interact - Undecided

Note : David Gosling of YMG should be a partner - We will negotiate with David should he ever decide to respond to our E'Mail / Telephone calls


Richard and Alan have worked together for over 20 year - Alan as part of the Mainframe Team at Sodexho where he was responsible for designing the Payroll and HR Systems and was assigned the Y2K Project for the Mainframe.

Richard is the Power House of the team he is Alan's mentor and personal tutor and has developed Alan to the point where he is proficient in Visual Studio and is competant at design.

In 2000 Alan obtained a City and Guilds in C programming and was taught ASP.Net and SQL Server by Richard and Visual Basic and SQL Server by Charlie White (now resident in Australia).

Alan is proficient in designing SQL server applications and used it for his Y2K project to analyse source code for date usage.

United - Working as a team they are as strong as you get !

Alans current project is to review MVC and VUEJS which is the direction which his own company might take - whilst not involved in the IT Department at Verastar Alan likes to keep abreast of technology so that his suggestions are relevant,

At Verastar Alan has developed in HTML/CSS(Bootstrap)/Javascrit and Angular for his personal development - Alan has been a White As Milk Web designer from the year dot and uses HTML for his own personal Genesis Documentation which he terms an InfoNet - Alan has the belief that InfoNet Technology and the hosting of a home server is an Everyman Lifeskill which should be taught as youg as 12. In the 1980's Alan introduced personal computing into Ingersoll Rand with his Unistar Time and Attendance System - defining the standards for Mainframe / PC interfacing using Kopy King. In the 1990's at the top of his trade working as a consultant for Cap Gemini he was offered The Dairy Crest load which was System 36 - Alan initially accepted the challenge but was head hunted by Peterborough Software - The UK leading supplier of Payroll and HR systems to manage The Royal Mail Parcel Force Project.

When made redundant in 2000 Alan was advised by Employment Services to seek employment outside the IT Industry as the requirement for Mainframe Developers was non existant.

Alan became a self employed Consultant and registered with Microsoft to become a Beta Tester for Longhorn.

To supplement his income he forged a career in Direct Marketting and in latter days in the Voluntary Sector as a Teaching Assistant for Manchester Adult Education having experienced how to run a college at The Co-Operative College in Manchseter where he was responsible for course work creation and distribution / the keeping of student and tutor records / college mailshots / organisation of a Uk Conference Tour / archiving / mail distribution and writing a departmental procedure manual. Sadly Alan was again made redundant from the college when a significant contract was lost.

Alan is keen to progress Vision 21 which is that every golf club should have a home server managed and developed by the PGA Professional linked centrally to his website The Golf Hub (

He is also trying to change the face of the Internet for golf by the introduction of an active Protopage service at each club - managed by the membership and has attempted for 12 years tried to introduce it into his own club without success - it is a battle that he is willing to fight and has hoped that working with David Gosling at YMG and Bitesize Golf that they would set the standard !

Richard produced an excellent piece of work called PC-Skills Test - where people could evaluate their knowledge of Microsoft Office - Just one Idea that got away.

Alan is confident that Richard has great work dormant within him and is just waiting for the right opportunity.

In an attempt to find an opportunity Alan has teamed up with Hitec Computers in Cheadle Manchester where he works on a Saturday as a Freelance Consultant and a Business Consultant - Alan is attemptingg to take Hitec in a new direction and to focus on manufacturing and consultancy. Alan wants to create a package for Hitec to distribute On-Line.

As part of his vision Alan wants to form an association with Interact in Altrincham - a supplier of Inranets and wants to promote them nationally as a golf club standard for the recording of golf club histories.

His assoociation with Hitec offers him discount which he extends to the Bitesize community - he is in the process of developing and promoting a Manchester Discount Card and already has a handfull of businesses signed up.

Scott Currie is a passive member of the team but is an Oracle for all things golf - again for 20 years Alan and Scott have been looking for a business oportunity.

Scott now works for American Golf and strengthens the bond between Red Octopus and AG.

Alan rates Scott very highly and is keen for him to take an active role - for twenty years Alan has tried to convince Scott that we should work together on a project to standardise web sites for PGA Professionals and along this line Alan introduced Scott to WIX who then went forward and has produced his own website - which is part of the BramIT Vision of SSNA (Hybrid Systems). Sadly Scott has not taken up the initiative of using Protopage !

In recent times Alan has looked towards GMG - Golf Management Group to see if they can work together on club communications standard and is also looking towards providers of business education to extend his education division.

Alan has come a long way whilst waiting fpr David Gosling to reach Elite status and has progressed outside golf to produce his Golden Triangle / Golden Pyramid which involves aspects of Commercial Vendures (Red/Ruby) / Wellbeing (Blue/Saphire) / Education (Green/Emerald) / Internal Communication (Silver) / External Communication (Golden) which by pure chance matches the Elite Code which David Gosling has assigned. (However if you look closer at my suggestions back in 2016 I may have arrived at different codes for Golf Professional / IT Professional.)

Busy Times .......

About BSG Elite

BSG Elite is a new Software Division of Red Octopus Business Services Limited - It is a place where Students can Showcase their work with a view to becoming an Associate Consultant for Red Octopus.

To become a Tier 1 Web Developer you will need as little as 24 hours training - Prove you can do it and you will be on our developer list and start earning.

We accept Developers as young as 12 and will put them on a career path to gain a Harvard University Developer Qualification.

Note : Joining the developent program will require registration to the Open University to do an Opinings Course this will commence your strategy and a dedication to Life Long Learning

Knowing the expetation of univercity study will be a great asset to an academic - Starting young is an option.

Our ultimate aim is Microsoft Certification.