Data Base Administration


Database Administration.


Hee we wil present to you the basics of database design and give you some radical development tips on how you can speed up your design process by involving your Assurance Team from Day !.

This wil intrduce you to Google Forms as a Life Skill.

My Design

There are ony three types of records that you need to understand when designing your SQL Relational Database.

They are your primary data tables, your look up dables and your Many-To-Many Relationship Tables.

Here we got ...... Ask the expert - Richard is that statement correct or is my experience of SQL too limited ?


Redcamel Systems at work : Protopage is the flagship CRM delivered by Redcamel Systems working out of Hitec Computers Cheadle, it is a free service and is part of the Redcamal Hybrid design called SSNA.

    I am a Power Protopage Developer - at Google Garage you will find all sorts of information about How To Start Up Your Own Business - Google Informs about Business Model Canval.

    Design idea to Dave Gosling (Bitesize Golf) - Look at Google Garage and see how the presentations work and render themselves on your mobile phone.

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